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BATTERIES: Compaq laptop battery photo story

From “GigerPunk”. It’s another epic one where we had to stop the PC from going into sleep mode while everything uploaded. It’s also another one where we’re taking the easy way out by doing an automated gallery. For reasons about to become clear. If anyone fancies writing individual captions for that lot, do get in [...]

July 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Gadgets with FACES #201: Microsoft’s Kinect

It looks so wide-eyed and optimistic. A few hours of watching fat kids spazzing about on dancing games ought to have its brow furrowing with despair, while its electric motor tries to turn its face to one side. Sent in by a “Darren”.

July 30, 2010 in Gadgets with FACES

Where on earth did I put my glasses?

They were just here. I put them on to look at the TV weather forecast, then I took them off… and now I can’t find them. They have black frames and custom green ear holders. Ah, there they are. Thanks, Judith. Just pop them on my forehead.

July 29, 2010 in Promotional photography

THINGS TO RUIN FOR EVERYONE ELSE: Vote for what happens in the next BT ad

If “murder/rape/suicide” doesn’t make it past the moderators, perhaps he could get caught wanking over internet porn thanks to BT’s extremely accommodating “unlimited” package?

July 28, 2010 in Internet stuff

Samsung’s new portable X430 and X180

The X430 comes pre-dressed in an optional red vest thing, while the X180 is the entry level model that only ships with a standard white vest thing. Separate “clothes” will be made available at several retailers. Both have been designed with portability and compactness in mind, being easily hoisted over the shoulder and neatly folded [...]

July 28, 2010 in Promotional photography

There is a brand new fitness craze about to hit the UK this summer

It’s Freecross and it combines being outside with going to the gym. No idea why we got this press release. Soho Gyms Cross the Boundary Between Indoor and Outdoor Exercise Soho Gyms, one of London’s leading independent gym chains, today launch an exciting, innovative new way for members to get the full benefit of using [...]

July 28, 2010 in Stupid Products

A USB-powered ultraviolet toothbrush steriliser

Toothbrushes aren’t really supposed to have clumps of black stuff around the bristles. The black stuff is nature telling you its time to kiss goodbye to £2.79 again for an upgrade. Proper things about this here and here. We’re experimenting with doing loads of updates where we just steal things from other web sites, as [...]

July 27, 2010 in Stupid Products

Apple is ACTUALLY CALLING this the Magic Trackpad

Apple is still claiming its products are literally magical and has taken the claim one step further. This is called the Magic Trackpad. It’s basically like that little square everyone already has on their laptops, only standalone and for lots of money. So you’re now able to spaz about uncontrollably on a desktop computer, doing [...]

July 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

POSSIBLE NEXT NEW CAMERA: Hello Kitty Lomo Fisheye

If you live in a sheltered community where the only people you hang out with are your friends who never laugh at what you wear because they’re also ironically wearing slippers and an apron and a cowboy shirt, here’s a possible new camera. From here. Don’t wave it around in bits of South London you’ve [...]

July 27, 2010 in Real things in shops

Men gather to cut ribbon at reopening of pointless old tech blog

We’re experimenting with a new post layout that does away with the top paragraph of text for some of the updates. It’s this sort of innovation that will see Idiot Toys return to its former glory, whereupon several hundred* readers used to turn to it for the very latest in tech news from the world [...]

July 26, 2010 in Internal Announcements