Auto Windscreens Third Division Holding Play-off Final

It’s Rebecca Hollingwood versus Joanne Hudd in this first cup final of the season:

auto windscreens elimination

Not a glamorous encounter, but Rebecca took home the crown and a cheque for £25, despite wearing jeans – thanks to having fewer exposed cigarette burns on her arms. Neither girl was allowed to keep a device.

auto windscreens elimination indoors

Not sure if this is the same girls under controlled hair/lighting conditions, or just a coincidence.

March 21, 2011 in Promotional photography


  1. Ah what the hell, I’m feeling generous (and grubby).
    Would, wouldn’t.

    Is that weird perpective or is that a phone or a tablet (with model’s huge hand)?
    I feel like Father Dougal Macguire having cow size vs distance explained to him.

  2. Where’d that second picture suddenly spring from? The perspective hurts my eyes.

  3. I didn’t know even there was a Disneyland Essex. Would and would, preferably both at once so they’d be too distracted to talk.

  4. I think it is the same girls – the first picture has been shot with a lens which is particularly cruel to the left girl, although the second picture confirms that she’s not exactly wasting away. The other girl seems to be doing her “seductive” (i.e. slaggy) look in the first picture and trying not to laugh at the midget photographer in the second picture.

  5. Unfortunately, its not a simple matter of “would” here….

    It’s now the shameful case of:

    “Have”,” Have”
    “Have”, “Have”

  6. DeepFriedWheelchair

    I can’t tell if they’re all iPads, iPhones or a mixture of both. Massive hands all round, though.

  7. Woe betide she that fixes her foundation improperly, for yea verily the camera will pick it out when you’re squinting in the hazy sunlight that passes for a spring day in northern Europe.

    These two lasses are a refreshing change from the usual run of the pristine and unobtainable. Like rediscovering mild after years on the premium lagers.

  8. I’m sure these two do have pubes – bet the one on the right shaves them all off though.

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