“Susan, have you seen my glasses?”

samsung smart tv glasses

“Never mind. If that’s all that’s on TV you can keep them. I’ll just go on the internet on my telephone instead. You can have custody of the remote control for the next 25 minutes. But remember, NO GOK WAN or there will be trouble.”

March 22, 2011 in Promotional photography


  1. Hairstyle’s within tolerances, neat shirt, skirt line is good if too long, knees are fine (see me later), but… what’s this? Those feet! Have they been sawn off another model entirely (hardly the first time this has been done)? Or are these just the world’s ugliest shoes?

  2. Go Wank (Anag)

  3. Not one single mention of blouse fabric straining nor of the email address on the screen?
    Has no-one tried mailing it asking for further pictures in the series yet?
    Or at least why she’s called Ox Woman?
    You lot are slacking.

  4. wouldnt, would.

    This is a clever ruse here, the chick is actually the bloke in the picture, with a different haircut and a bit of ‘slap’. I haven’t been fooled like this since Thailand.

  5. This is the most autobiographical update ever.

  6. That black skirt has a stain on it. A bit like dried yoghurt or something. Shoddy but intriguing.

    Wouldn’t, would, would,

  7. DeepFriedWheelchair

    Giger, if it is any consolation, although I am late to the comment party, the first thing I noticed was the way her shirt was straining taught against her womanly bumps. Its geting to be a bit of a habit which is leaking into my real life and causing substantial offence.

  8. Good eye on the “blouse straining” Mr. G. Punk. I’m thinking that what she’s holding are actually safety glasses, to be worn while staring at her chest, to prevent potential eye injuries when one of her buttons becomes over-stressed and pops off.

    This apparently happens frequently as she seems to carry some spare emergency buttons on her sleeve.

  9. Plenty of joy.

    No responses, however.

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