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That horrible orange, smart/casual rugby player is apparently a keen player of internet bingo.

gavin henson and partner

“Great. A tenner. Now let’s do it.”

Here’s the entire press release:

Strictly Come Dancing Duo Gavin Henson and Katya Virshilas team up for the launch of online bingo site ‘Brits Bingo’ – Play free bingo and win £1000’s daily.

24th March 2011, London:

Brand new site Brits Bingo has just burst on to the online bingo scene aiming to stir excitement amongst the British bingo playing community. As part of its launch celebrations, Brits Bingo is offering the chance to play free bingo and win up to £1000 in cash every single day, plus it is tripling all first deposits up to £200. Players are welcomed by the nation’s favourite Strictly Come Dancing duo, Gavin Henson and Katya Virshilas. Both Gavin and Katya appear in all three Brits Bingo TV commercials scheduled to be broadcast across the UK and on BritsBingo.co.uk.

Being a Rugby player and undeniably one of the most masculine men to have appeared on our TV screens, Gavin confidently affirms that it is finally ok for men to partake in a bit of online bingo and that it is not just a game for the opposite sex. The gender-neutral tones of Brits Bingo set it apart from a majority of other online bingo sites in the UK and its vibrant character and tempting offers are certain to make it a favourite amongst Brits – both male and female.

Brits Bingo promises an unparalleled entertainment experience filled with fun, laughs, daily promotions, free games and guaranteed jackpots of up to £1 million. In addition to Bingo, players can choose from a selection of 80 other instant win games with huge cash prizes.

Anyone pondering on the thought of playing online bingo should definitely try out Brits Bingo. It is absolutely free to join and all registered players can gain access to both real-money and free games instantly.

Register now at www.britsbingo.co.uk and get playing – the next lucky winner could be you. You can also stay in touch with all the latest TV commercials, news and promotions by following Brits Bingo on Twitter and YouTube.

Note to Editor:

Website: www.britsbingo.co.uk
PR Contact: Anthea Michael anthea@lmagaming.com
Offer: Play free bingo and win up to £1000 in cash every single day plus get a 300% cash match bonus up to £200, on your first deposit.
Brits Bingo is fully licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and powered by Dragonfish bingo software.

March 28, 2011 in Promotional photography


  1. The bones are showing. This isn’t even a PR blurb, it’s the rough notes for a blurb that were left to the work-experience kid to fill in.

  2. “one of the most masculine men to have appeared on our TV screens, Gavin confidently affirms that it is finally ok for men to partake in a bit of online bingo”

    Oh ffs. Come back when Fred Dibnah, Dick Strawbridge, Brian Cant, Burt Reynolds, Bear Grylls, Windsor Davies, Leslie Phillips or even Lionel Bloody Blair are involved and I might believe you, but not Gavin ‘Moisturises daily’ Henson. He’ll be advertising Gillette next.

  3. Second the ‘masculine men’ comment from GigerPunk. It’s not for nothing Henson’s ex-team are known as the Hairspreys, but he was too poofy to be even with them so he went to lah-di-dah France instead.

  4. I bet they haven’t even switched on that laptop.

  5. Really? Bingo on the internet you say? And advertised on the telly, like the real bingo? Next you’ll be telling me it’s fully licensed by the goverment of gibraltar!

    Yes sir, and it’s gender neutral.

    What did you fucking call me?

  6. I’ve just seen the TV ad for this.

    Nobody has invented a word to describe just how bad it was, so I’ll have to do it instead:

    It was a right load of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaankunt!

    • Haven’t seen the bloody ad yet but it can’t be far off. At least I have my vocal response lined up now, cheers phorenzik.

  7. Wouldn’t, would, would

  8. DeepFriedWheelchair

    Those hateful cushions. Those hateful, evil cushions. When my time comes, and the world is mine, I shall have all those who gave money for those cushions brought before me and systematically destroyed.

  9. Gambling doesn’t really do much for me, so I will not be playing Brits Bingo for that and the following reasons.

    1. Have no idea who Gavin Henson is on this side of the pond.
    2. It’s government approved.
    3. Sounds a bit too “gender neutral”.
    4. Gibraltar? Are you serious?
    5. Don’t own a laptop computer.
    6. Those bastards from Dragonfish Software.
    7. Assume that Brits Bingo is as skill-free as the American version.
    8. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaankunt!

  10. Gavin Henson, on a bed with a “lady” sporting the Penge Mum look. No wonder Charlotte Church left him. Her thumbs look dangerous.

  11. I disagree with you lot. This is genius. The trouble I’ve always had with bingo sites is their gender bias.

    It leaves folks me with the feeling of being in the wrong bathroom.

  12. DeepFriedWheelchair

    I find that I’m never in the wrong bathroom, whichever one it is.

  13. I think we might be missing the subsequent photos where she stands up, drops her jeans and slowly lowers herself onto the complete length of his forearm, all while he keeps playing internet bingo.

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