Guess the FUNCTION of the THING

This one says what it is on it – it’s a “Nano Plasma Ion”.


Still none the wiser.

March 30, 2011 in Promotional photography


  1. It’s it’s primary function to close down UK:R and upset us all?

  2. “Yes darling, I tried out the thing you bought me *points* and it made me go all wobbly. I quite liked it. Can you get another one on your way back from work tomorrow? I’d like to try using two at once.”

  3. Say goodbye to wrinkled nano plasma misery!

    Would, wouldn’t, might.

  4. The ugly one in the middle is holding the one on the right captive. The one on the left is prodding the one in the middle in disgust and faint arousal.

    The flowers are just watching.

  5. (will not be published)

    Where is GigerPunk?
    Is he alright?

  6. Would.

    Its a flashlight, without the ‘light’ and without the ‘flesh’…for clean freaks who require wipe-down surfaces at all times.

  7. That girl’s product interaction skills are so bad I half suspect she’s got some European blood in her somewhere down the line. Just look at the pointing finger, all crooked, no poise, the silhouette spoiled yet further by amateurish placement of left hand behind. No, no no.

  8. Captain Whoops

    “Press it against my…..oh yes…….that’s first class that is…”

  9. Yes I have a name thanks

    Nano Plasma Ion? They let their women folk handle futuristic heavy weaponry over there?

    No good will come of this, no wonder she looks so pained and worried, one slip and she’ll have declared war on the DPRK!

  10. Whatever it is, I think ET is trying to heal it.

  11. her names egg monroe shes older

  12. She’s everywhere at the moment. And today she’s with a pint of milk. At a guess the thing with the light is telling her the milk is OK. Is there a prize for the right answer?

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