Apple Pretends to Invent…

EPISODE 48: The concept of saving documents so if they break you have a “saved version” to return to.


Genius. Got to get one of those new Apples. Pic via the Big E.

June 6, 2011 in Real things in shops, Stupid Products


  1. Is that what all the cool kids will be wearing this season too?
    Wow. Wish I could be as cool as apple.

  2. Integrated versioning and revision control is so old.

    Why, every OS just builds that in at the API level and Apple’s the last to the party!


    You say that nobody else actually has built-in API-level versioning in their OS?

    Yeah, funny that.

    • I don’t think anything can technically be described as funny once you’ve started talking about “API-level-versioning”.

    • We’ve seen API-level versioning before in VMS, where it was one of the features most often turned off. Much better to handle this at the app / version control level where it can be customised by document type, and many do.

      Oops, sorry, forgot where I was for a minute there. Wouldn’t.

  3. I am disappointed, you forgot to mention Apple invented fullscreen programs too. Whoa!

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