Only two can go through to tomorrow’s live final

Girl two, you successfully wrote the name of the thing on the thing AND correctly inserted what is often found to be a difficult apostrophe…

…but you appear to be left-handed and I can’t be doing with hearing a constant stream of complaints about minor inconveniences and always having to do the wrapping at Christmas because you can’t get the scissors to work. Sorry, girl number two, but you’re OUT. Girls one and three, you’re through to the next round. Get your talcum powder and come with me.

February 29, 2012 in Uncategorized


  1. That’s all right, dear, just step into the consolation cellar…

  2. She doesn’t even have to cry. I would.

  3. Left handed scissors for christmas. Cheap, easy, practical gift.
    Alternatively, don’t allow them scissors, they’ll get out of the boinds easier if you do.
    Anyway, would – She doesn’t have the pox on her upper lip like girl 1 (who’s also got the tooth:gum ratio all wrong) or look half as odd as girl 3.
    Though, there’s a slight hint of Zoolander about her in my eyes. But I guess she’s a hand model, so that’s ok, they’re a different breed after all.

  4. OMG – as they say on the internet, Idiot Toys is back.

    Anyhow, triple would (even the one with the wrong doing-arm).


    Same goes for the Females as well.

  6. Objection! I’d query the qualifications of no. 3 as a finalist. She’s clearly tilting the screen away from the camera to an unacceptable level, while I would argue that no. 2 is presenting the stylus to a proper non-lefty potential user, rather than simulating use.

    Would not, would, would, in case anyone is keeping tally. Bad fringe.

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