Guess the FUNCTION of the THING

Seen things like this around in the UK before. The wheels put down a warm wax, then the broom thing polishes up the wood or tiles.

March 19, 2012 in Promotional photography


  1. I am pretty sure this is an Actifry Cannon

  2. Mm, warm wax.

  3. And a knee!

  4. It’s a mohawked family of cyclop-robots. If they talk, I imagine it to be in low voices, repeating short syllables, like ‘duuuup, dap dap dap, duuuup. Except the yellow one, which screeches a high pitched ‘wèèèp’, loses direction home from cyclopschool and has to be rescued by the others. Again!

    Luckily Korean mom has a nice warm dinner waiting for the adventurous bunch!

  5. Putting the year it was made on the door was such a good idea back then.

  6. They have ones with wheels now? That’ll save a lot of time and effort in shoe shopping!

  7. tentacle porn hits a new low.

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