Guess the FUNCTION of the THING

Can we all just, for the purposes of having something to think about and do for the next 20 seconds, pretend we don’t already know this is a popular Korean range of robot vacuum cleaner? Thanks.

Automatic pancake maker. She expressed a liking for pancakes last year, then got five of the things for her birthday. That’s the one she’s keeping, as it makes the fat American ones she likes best. Syrup nozzle sold separately.

May 14, 2012 in Promotional photography


  1. My robotic woodlouse masters! At last you have returned!

  2. Lozenges for that REALLY bad cold.

  3. Meet Dump-E, the electric toilet seat!

    Transform YOUR loo into a South East Asian throne, with auto poo rating via audible applause, self timer, Hole-O-Primp(TM) and of course a choice of colours to match your bathroom or mood.

    Shipping from S. Korea $99 ex. local taxes.
    Customs charges may apply.
    Using more than one Dump-E in combination may be fatal.

  4. Whatever they are, they’ve got her hemmed in good and proper. Kudos to the photographer for capturing the moment the alpha of the pack leapt for the kill.

  5. “Its cock size is this big”.

  6. No, Danielle, we only need the one, you’ll have to return the rest. The cat is traumatized enough as it is. And for heaven’s sake don’t pick it up like that, you’ll never get all the grit and hair off of your disturbingly large and wrinkled hand.

  7. “These are the crappiest pies I’ve ever tasted.”

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