New telephone coming soon to Slough and Wales

LG once again breaking down language barriers with its entirely visual, storyboarded promotional images. Not sure that’s where Slough is, mind, so you might want to check on a more detailed map if you’re heading there.

June 11, 2012 in Uncategorized


  1. It’s “Düsseldorf”, not “Duseldorf”, though.

  2. Was going to say they’re not from Wales, but then saw how horribly deformed her arm looks.
    So it’s still a possibility. She’s quite a looker compared to most of the triple-Y-chromasome mutants you normally get in Maesteg or Neath.

  3. You bastard, GP. I’ve been to Maesteg. I’d nearly managed to forget.

    Are you sure that’s a “they” rather than a “she”?

    Of course LG don’t have anything in Finland. Wouldn’t dare.

    Does that top bar on the phone get configured with the things used most often? Because “Vibrate” seems to be up there.

  4. Come, friendly bombs, fall on Slough….

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