Samsung Miscellaneous pods

Stylish storage space for up to 32 assorted items (small) or 16 items (medium).

June 19, 2012 in Promotional photography


  1. Um. Checking out the reflection in the black one (and not her knees/ankles, honest), it looks like the photgrapher’s a grey-haired person and is facing in the opposite direction, looking at someone dressed in black sitting with their legs crossed.

    I mean, it COULD be the photographer if actually facing the correct way and what I think is head/grey hair is actually their body/shirt but my head’s hurting so much from this overly complicated vase/two faces illusion I think I’m going to have to go and have a lie down.

  2. “Bet you can’t fit in one of them.”

    GP. you’re weird and we love you for it.

    • What, are you saying that reflection doesn’t look like the back of the head of the weird one from the Gadget Show?
      (The grey-haired weird-looking one, that is. The second weird-looking-one from the left here)

      • Don’t worry. You aren’t deranged.
        I can see it too.

        Of course, I’ve often been likened to a raving mental, so that’s not really a good vindication for your sanity.

  3. Crossed leg levitation double hold (DH). Love it.

  4. If she’s good, she gets to sleep in the white one. If she’s bad, she must sleep in the black one.

  5. Probe Droids. Hoth or Coruscant.

  6. It is a very pretty knee, isn’t it. Would this be an appropriate time to say something like “”PHWOAARR”? I feel like such a Yank for even asking.

    Fortunately no one at work saw this picture when I had it up on my screen,. Maybe some sort of a “NSFW Knee Warning” should be added to these kinds of posts. Don’t worry about toe-shots though. I’m pretty sure they don’t understand.

  7. By the way – got any Sega Vests hanging about? Mine has an unwashable brown stain.

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