“Roll up! Roll up!”


“Next demonstration at 11.30am, everyone. Bras, pants and trousers included this time. See them emerge clean at 12:55pm. Children get to set the dial for 50p.”

June 27, 2012 in Promotional photography


  1. Can it really wash footballs?

  2. You’re just deliberately choosing pictures of highly reflective things now, aren’t you?
    Still, fair do’s, that crowd looks like a fairly convincingly disinterested bunch.
    Wonder if there’s anything at the white elephant stall for Bitbroken?

    Is it just me or does she look a bit like Christine Applegate?
    20 minutes a load sounds about right in that case. Might slow down a bit after the first few loads though. I’m only human, after all.

  3. If you’re really fast-forwarding it, you should be able to take it out before you put it in.

    If you then don’t put it in… that would be bad. Causality-violating washing machine is not a toy!

    gaijintendo, yes, but only if you put the child in to protect the ball

  4. why does the picture in the picture have washing machines that do not look like the ones in the picture…

  5. Man behind is fast-forwarding his load now that he’s noticed someone’s taking photos.

  6. I’m not going to watch any program on those TVs unless they are 60fps progressive.

  7. Fuck me that’s a large crowd of laundry gongoozlers. Idiot Toys should send out a roving reporter to these types of event and broadcast livestream coverage from LG’s next washbot launch. This would be more exiting than the next phone/tablet/software/unboxing bollox. Also definite FACE, looks like a speccy mecha has been buried up to its neck.

  8. Isn’t that Heather Mills? Has she been reduced to this to earn a paycheck?

    Does it wash bitter gold-diggers as well?

  9. It is not just you, Gigerpunk. She looks like Christina Applegate to me also.

  10. Christina Applegate it is. God knows what, or who, she’s been doing up until now. But that’s a SMASHING blouse she’s wearing.

  11. офигенно понравилось, пиши ещё :)

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