“Kick him in the face!”


“Woo, yeah! Now stamp on his fingers while he’s on the floor! Hee hee hee! Now drop on his ribs with your knee! Yeah, hahaha!”

June 28, 2012 in Promotional photography


  1. “And that’s where you’ll be if you put all your effort into sports and don’t pay attention to your schoolwork, my girl – pretending to be enthusiastic in front of a television that you’ll never, ever, own.”

  2. Large man with tiny feet kicks small man.

  3. Is that a North Korean fan scarf?

  4. I used to have some of those Jeans/Hotpants too.

  5. I guess Seohyun is advising people to properly kick people in the face, not in the neck or the shoulder, just stomp their face properly. And not in a half assed way, thoroughly smash their face into paste. Wouldn’t expect less from Seohyun.

  6. she’s clearly rooting for something proper, off screen to the left. Probably like midget v. giant wrestling.

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